Puri Wulandari Boutique Hotel: Ubud, Bali Review

I just love Boutique hotels! Every time we travel, I try my best to pick one. They always have a special unique charm to them that is hard to find in bigger hotel chains. Since they don’t have the reputation and attention that chain hotels have, I find that they really go above and beyond to impress their guests. Puri Wulandari was no exception. Upon arriving, my jaw was just dropping when I saw how beautiful the lobby was. All I kept thinking was “wow.” The lobby was gorgeous and it overlooked a view of lush jungle and greenery below. They always had fresh flowers throughout which was a nice touch.

When you arrive,they take you to your room by golf cart and give you a tour of the room which is great. We thoroughly enjoyed our pool villa in room 115. It was on the lowest level on the edge which was very private. We only had neighbors to our left who we couldn’t really see. All we could see from our infinity pool was the jungle. It was very spacious and beautiful in the outdoor area with a nice couch and cabana type thing.


Lazy pool days


We enjoyed eating our meals outside and ordering room service. The room was huge and the bathroom was very cool with a sunken in tub and separate shower with a view of the jungle.


One with nature!DSC_0418


Views from the breakfast area


The spa was very enjoyable, I got the Indonesian massage twice. The breakfast was very well done although it did get old after a week. The employees were very nice and went above and beyond. Since we had our baby with us we weren’t able to make it to the New Year’s dinner, so they not only delivered to us but also set up nice candles and made it really special.

Some of the negatives for us were mainly that the menu didn’t have much variety. It had mainly Asian food and not much to choose from. Sometimes, you just want a hamburger and fries or a taco! There were bugs and geckos everywhere outside and sometimes they make it into your room, so be careful to always close the doors. They did clean the room twice a day and made sure to get rid of bugs. Geckos make really loud noises at night and we were wondering what the sounds were until we looked it up on Youtube! It was really cool one night in our private pool, we had fire flies light up the sky. I personally don’t mind the wildlife but if you are squeamish about these things, this is not the place for you. The last negative thing I have to say the air conditioning sucks! We closed the sliding doors and they gave us a fan so it was okay at night, but during the day it got pretty warm.

Overall, this place was a wonderful jungle paradise and I would stay here again. Very good value for money considering the rooms are huge and the private pool is amazing.

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