The Many Faces of Benjamin Ray: An 8 Month Check Up

Today Ben is 8 months old! Woohoo, can’t believe it. His seventh month of life has been huge! As a seven month old, he circumnavigated the globe. From Saudi Arabia to Texas, from Texas to Indonesia, and then from Indonesia back to Saudi. Let’s just say he was done with the traveling and ready to be back home. The jet lag and time changes were miserable for him and he is ready to be back in his routine. In that period of time since being away from Saudi, so much has happened! He got his first two teeth on his bottom gums, learned to sit up on his own, and started to crawl. Since learning to crawl he is already onto the next thing: pulling himself up on everything he sees. In this past week that we have gotten back from vacation, he has been horribly clingy and not sleeping well at all! Apparently at 8 months separation anxiety sets in. After looking online there is also what’s called an 8-10 month sleep regression and he is definitely going through that! It has been a rough week. If Ben can’t see me, he cries and starts breathing heavy and stressing out having a baby anxiety attack. He then run crawls to find me. He likes to grab my pants and pull himself up while I am trying to cook. On another note, his sleeping has been pretty horrible. He was sleeping from 8 pm to 5 am, and then going back to sleep until 9 am. Now, he wakes up after an hour of putting him to sleep, then at 2 am, then at 5:30 am, and then at 7 am. Yikes. Hopefully this is just a phase and will pass soon! Ben has changed so much in his seventh month. We will see what his eighth month of life holds.


water, pulling himself up on everything, trying to climb stairs, chewing on everything, shoes, eating paper, bananas, blowing raspberries, spitting, smiling at young pretty girls, crawling everywhere, the milks, mom’s phone, cuddling, being right next to mom, sesame street


mom going to the other room, being alone in his room, not getting enough sleep, the playpen, not being a part of the fun

The Many Faces of Benjamin Ray

In Bali, he tried to steal my camera so it made for an interesting photo shoot.






Anddd… he decided he loves the pool now!




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