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Bali Part III: Indiana Jones and the Baby Stealer

New Year’s Day was a busy day! We visited Lake Batur which turned out to be where all the Balinese were going for their Holiday. We were going to the Hot Spring, but it was wayyy too crowded. It sure was a beautiful sight to see and I’m still glad we went.


Most recent volcanic eruption was three years ago. Jon and Ben playing with lava rocks.




Next, we went to eat lunch at a buffet I won’t even bother mentioning 😛 It had a nice view of the mountain. One thing I will say is that the Indonesians are very nice people and many of the women are fascinated by Ben. They just love babies! The waitress came up and kind of just took Ben from me. She seemed like a very nice lady so I didn’t want to be mean. She took him to the buffet to let him try a banana which he usually loves. He didn’t seem to like the taste of the smaller Indonesian bananas which are more sour than American bananas.

She meant well… 😀
The stranger danger phase has set in
Ben no likey Indonesian bananas

Last, we went to Mount Kawi which was a gorgeous temple in jungle paradise. I felt like we were Indiana Jones! I know Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was filmed in Sri Lanka but I think it looks just like it 🙂





It sure is gorgeous here! Today is our last day in Bali so its off to go enjoy it.



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