Bali Part II: New Year’s Eve in Ubud

Yesterday was a great New Year’s Eve. We got our driver Tampi to take us to the best shopping places in Ubud. Our first stop was at the Semar Kuning Gallery. Jon and I love to get a painting at every place we go. This gallery was a co-op of local Balinese artists who were painting on the steps and all throughout the gallery. There were traditional paintings as well as abstract.

semar-kuning-artist-cooperativ (2)

Pictures from Trip Advisor

I forgot to take pictures of this gallery but you can see more photos on Trip Advisor.  These paintings are price negotiable but you’re not going to get them for super cheap! They are high quality and authentic. We ended up settling on an abstract painting with Balinese dancers which look similar to the one on the right below.

semar-kuning-artist-cooperativ (1).jpg


After spending more than I wanted to spend, our driver took us to the Gajah Bali Gallery which featured  wood carvings. There was some beautiful carvings. We saw one huge piece that the salesman said took three different artists and over 6 months to carve. The price tag: 65,000 USD! Although there were signs up saying the prices were final, we were able to negotiate.

Picture from Trip Advisor

For lunch, we did as the locals do and tried suckling pig at a popular place in Ubud, Ibu Oka.



Pork belly: tasted like Louisiana cracklin’s, but 100x greasier. I felt my arteries clog, I couldn’t stomach more than one 😀


The Special was quite tasty: fried pork, rice and vegetables
Our wonderful driver, Tampi!
Hubby and wife beer: Bintang, the local Indonesian beer

After lunch, we walked around downtown Ubud in the touristy area around all the cheap shops. Everything looked like junk after going to the best stores first! You can find some cute, cheap rompers, tank tops, and maxi dresses there though. We went back to our hotel to have a relaxing rest of the day and then Ben was asleep by 6:30 due to still being jet lagged. This was our first New Year’s in, and I was a little sad about it. Having a baby is wonderful but sometimes you just want to go out! Our hotel was having a special dinner at the restaurant. We explained that we couldn’t make it because of Ben but then they went above and beyond delivering it to our room. It turned out to be probably one of my favorite New Year’s although we were in bed by 10 🙂

Enjoying the sunset while Ben sleeps
They set up candles for us





Happy New Year’s everyone! 2015 will be a pretty hard year to top! I had quite a year of adventure as well as becoming a mommy which has brought me so much joy. Hopefully 2016 will be just as amazing.

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