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A Ritzy Thanksgiving

This past weekend I was scheduled to fly out of Bahrain with Ben to go home to Texas to visit my family for a couple of weeks. Jon will not be joining us as he has used up all his vacation time and it is just not worth one week to fly 24 hours across the globe! To say goodbye, we splurged and stayed at the Ritz Carlton Bahrain. We usually stay at The Gulf, but we decided to mix it up and stay at the Ritz since there was a Thanksgiving brunch going on there. Since turkeys are hard to find and so are the rest of ingredients for Thanksgiving, I did not want to try and make dinner! Also, it was just us three. What do you do when you’re half way across the world and have no family to celebrate with? Go to an all you can eat, all you can drink Thanksgiving Brunch in Bahrain! It was so much fun and definitely worth it.




In the morning once we got there we took a walk along the grounds. This is why you pay the extra money to stay here for sure. The beach is so well kept that you don’t even remember you are in Bahrain, it looks like the Caribbean. It is such a nice change of scenery from the sandy, grass-less Saudi Arabia.

After walking around and exploring we went to the Thanksgiving brunch. Everything was delicious and it was very family friendly. It was a great Thanksgiving… no dishes or cooking involved!



The Brunch was four hours long, so we were stuffed! Ben was such an angel and even took a nap in his stroller.

Of course we missed our family and would have loved to be in Texas for Thanksgiving but this holiday turned out to be a blast. We are so thankful to experience such a delicious and unique Thanksgiving. Life is too short not to feel a little fancy sometimes 🙂


Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!


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