Benjamin’s half birthday!

Wow, I can’t believe Ben is half a year old. It’s crazy how time flies! It seems like yesterday he was so small and we were in the hospital.


I remember when I finally laid eyes on him I was shocked to see he had dark hair! Jon had white blonde hair and I had strawberry blonde hair as a baby. Now, his hair has lightened up and its almost a little red. He also has his Daddy’s big blue eyes.It has been a whirlwind and he changes so much everyday. He brings so much joy into our lives. I never knew I could love anyone or anything so much!

Changes so fast


Ben is super laid back. Just like his Daddy, he has an anything goes attitude. I can pretty much take him anywhere as long as he is part of the group. He is like both of us in the fact that he is very social. If we are at a restaurant and he is in his car seat or stroller, after awhile he gets fussy because he can’t see what is going on and isn’t a part of the group! We put him in a high chair and pull him up to the table and then he loves it! He also loves other little kids and babies. He smiles and laughs when they try to play with him. The only other time he really gets fussy is when he is hungry or tired. He is very impatient (like me) when he is hungry. When he wants his milk he wants it that moment! You better hurry and there’s going to be a melt down!

A few of his favorite things

He loves his jumparoo!



He is outgrowing his swing and definitely his bouncer. I now have no idea where to put him when I take a shower and get ready since he is too big for his bouncer 😦 His favorite time of the day is bed time! He loves to chew on everything he sees. I once caught him chewing on my flip flop when his Daddy wasn’t paying close enough attention 😀 He also loves to grab your fingers and put it in his mouth to chew on.


He can scoot but not crawl. He is so so close! It seems he will be crawling at least within the next month if I had to guess. He easily flips over both ways. He doesn’t like to try to sit up, he hunches over in his Bumbo. He can keep somewhat steady with support when we are holding him. He is now sleeping 11 hours at night woohoo!  He is still drinking mostly breast milk with some solids at night. So far he loves sweet potatoes and his absolute favorite is pears.



Today we did a little 6 month photo shoot here on our compound! The weather here is finally super nice and breezy. It has cooled down to the 80’s and even 70’s 🙂





DSC_0197  DSC_0243




DSC_0266 DSC_0275



We love you Benjamin! You have made our family feel almost complete 🙂

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