Mykonos: The California of Europe

Last year, my husband and I went on a Mediterranean cruise in September right after we found out about my surprise pregnancy. Needless to say, the all-inclusive drink package was not purchased for me. What was going to be a booze cruise turned into more of a sleeping, eating, sight-seeing cruise. The cruise was great overall despite us being vastly outnumbered by retirees. It was very fun to watch them dance to Disco music at night… the dance moves were interesting 😉


One place that really stood out when we stopped was the port of Mykonos! We absolutely fell in love with it above all of the other ports. It is possible to see most of what there is to see in one day. We rented a four-wheeler for about 20 bucks for the whole day!

DSC_0091 DSC_0095

Luckily, with the island being pretty circular and small we thought it would be pretty hard to get lost. (A year later we found out there were tons of roads to get lost on…) It worked out for us that day and we just roamed the island on our ATV’s. We found beautiful cliffs with white washed houses. It was everything you would expect to see in Mykonos. We happened to stumble upon what is in my opinion the nicest beach in Mykonos: Platys Gialos. It was so nice that we had to come back and stay for a week with our three-month old! Obviously it was a huge difference coming back with a baby… no ATV rides, but a relaxing and scenic vacation. Mykonos is typically known for being a party island, a celebrity hot spot, and gay friendly but it is still possible to enjoy with young children.

We had just missed this Victoria’s Secret model who was here one week before us! 😦 Missed my chance to become her bestie… LOL
Where to stay: 
Nissaki Hotel
After researching hotels, this one seemed to be the best luxury hotel for the least amount of money. This hotel was in the best location. It was five minutes away from Platys Gialos and right next to a bus stop which took you to Mykonos Town. The hotel itself was beautiful. It was immaculately decorated, with a white washed Greek design. The pool was overlooking a cliff in which you could see all the Yacht’s coming in and a view of Psarou beach.
Ben and Daddy overlooking the beach
Priorities… priorities 😉
Hotel at Night
The breakfast was always fresh and had plenty of options. We did not order one bad dish for our meals and ordered in room service plenty of times with our teething baby keeping us cooped up for hours on end.
The room… where we spent many hours with this little guy 😉
What to Do:
Go to the beach at Platys Gialos
This beautiful beach is everything you imagine when you think of Greece. There is crystal clear water and smooth sand to stick your feet in to. This beach also had some of the best looking people I have ever seen! The women were all wearing thong bottoms with booties you could bounce a coin off of. Not exactly the thing you want to see three months postpartum but I’m sure my husband was happy 😉 We had to wonder: American age 16 or European age 45? 
The best part about it is that there are tons of restaurants running along the backside of the beach that have beach chairs for you. They will come serve you drinks and food right on the beach.I recommend Avli Tou Thodori right off the beginning of the beach. We ate there about five times including breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food is always fresh and the seafood is delicious. It was here where I tried Octopus for the first time and found out I was allergic!
Go to Mykonos Town 
The Windmills here are a must- see in Mykonos. It is a beautiful sight to see in the morning. Dozens of stray cats and kittens congregrate here.
After the Windmills, stroll around the streets. There are hundreds of shops selling authentic handmade linen shirts, jewelry and other souvenirs. Most of the items they were selling here were way overpriced! I tried bartering with a lady and she was super offended! Woops… guess they don’t do that in Mykonos. I bought what I thought was a nice pair of white linen Greek pants for 45 euro which later shrank to high waters in the dryer. (I am also really bad at reading washing directions.) I then read the tag that they were “designed in Greece and made in China.” Ugh. However I did find some really nice Bohemian jewelry that looked unique and like something I had never seen before. 
Mykonian jewelry
You need a small stroller in these narrow streets… don’t even try a double!

After shopping, we stopped by Little Venice for dinner and drinks and looked out over the crashing waves and watched a beautiful sunset!

Mussels are a must


We just repeated these activities for a week and were super sad to leave! Mykonos has something for everyone, even families!

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